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Questions we think you should be asking before boarding your pet.



Does the boarding kennel have spaces large and private enough to meet your pet family's needs?

Although many dogs are social with others, all appreciate their own "private" space where they know they are safe and can relax. Having indoor/outdoor space individualized to the needs of a dog/cat or dog/cat family is important to reduce stress.

At Little Green Farm Pet Hotel we have dog rooms, cat condos and cat suites large enough for individuals or family groups (we don't have pets from different families sharing these spaces). Each dog room has an individual, outside run. Outside cat spaces are attached to the suite and the condos.

Our dog rooms and dog/cat or cat family suites in the main buiding are 75 sq ft each.

Does the boarding kennel require your dog/ cat to have vaccinations and/or a recent health check and sign off by a qualified veterinarian?

Vaccinating your dog or cat is usually warranted when they are going to be in a social or shared environment. It is one of the most important things you can do to help protect them against some of the most serious bacterial and viral infections.

Vaccination rates, when high, help to protect the most vulnerable in the population. These animals (generally older dogs and cats or those with an underlying medical condition) may not themselves have a good response to the vaccine. Such vulnerable animals rely on lack of circulation of the disease to avoid a serious outcome.

At Little Green Farm Pet Hotel we always ask about vaccination status. However, we will take a veterinarian's sign off if a dog or cat has underlying medical complications or pevious adverse reactions to vaccinations which may make them an exception.

By ensuring a high level of vaccination we are minimising the risk of transmitting, at least the preventable infections, to the most vulnerable animals in our care.

Does the boarding kennel accommodate special needs?

Many dogs and cats require medications, special diet or a modified routine in order to be healthy and happy.

At Little Green Farm Pet Hotel we administer medications and follow your pet's normal routine as closely as possible - without extra charges.

Is the dog/cat accommodation cleaned (and sterilized) between visits?

In order to minimize problems with cross-infection it is important that accommodation is spot cleaned, as necessary, during the dog/cat's stay and then cleaned (and sterilized) between occupants.

At Little Green Farm Pet Hotel we use bio-active cleaners for "spot cleaning" to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the dogs and cats. When a dog or cat has "checked out" the kennel or cat condo/suite is stripped out, all bedding and other soft furnishings washed and the inside and outside spaces, along with furniture and beds cleaned down with detergent and a quaternary ammonium biocide ("Kennel-sol"). Once dry this is completely safe for the pet and provides a clean environment for the next occupant.

Are the dogs exercised regularly and is this supervised?

A good boarding facility should be able to manage dogs that need individual attention when outside, those that prefer to stay in their family group and those that enjoy (and are stimulated) by interaction with others.

At Little Green Farm Pet Hotel we ensure outside time is tailored to your dog's needs. Play time for the social dogs is in carefully chosen small groups (or individually if required) for a minimum of 30 minutes twice a day.

Is the exercise area large and secure enough for your dog's needs?

For active dogs a large, secure off-leash space is essential for them to play and run naturally. For those dogs that prefer to "potter" on their own a large space helps to minimise confrontation between dogs and provide an interesting, mixed environment.

At Little Green Farm Pet Hotel all outside playtime and exercising is supervised to minimise any problems with incompatible animals.

Are the boarding kennels staffed 24/7 and do they have suitable fire and security arrangements?

Most domestic pets are used to interaction throughout the day and can become stressed if they feel "abandoned". It is helpful if dogs and cats are not left for long periods of time without seeing a friendly face! Continual staffing of the facility also helps to ensure an animal in need of water, medical assistance or just a bit of attention is identified as promptly as possible.

At Little Green Farm Pet Hotel someone is always on-site to deal with the boarders' needs and to handle any potential security or other concerns.

Does the dog/cat accommodation have good temperature control (heating/air conditioning) and ambient sound to keep your pets comfortable?

Our dogs and cats are used to living in atmospherically controlled environments and a boarding facility should provide the same heating and air conditioning we would look for in our own accommodation.

At Little Green Farm Pet Hotel we have in-floor heating, forced air heating, air-conditioning, music and radio in the dog and cat areas in order to mimic the home environment as closely as possible.

Does the accommodation and daily routine provide a stimulating environment for your dog or cat?

Little extras like large accommodation, background music, daylight and views, access to secure outside areas and lots of interaction time make your dog or cat's stay much less stressful and more like a home from home!

Why not pay Little Green Farm Pet Hotel a visit and see the difference!


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